FVS for education

FVS virtual learning environment provides immersive learning

What people say?

“Pupils started by familiarising themselves with the environment, they built avatars and created group work space together. The pupils also brought in their works made in school and presented them to others.

This first time has gone quite well and the pupils have been really excited about this”.

FVS for educational use

What do you want to learn today?

Pedagogical approaches

The benefit of the virtual world is that unlike in a traditional learning environment, it is not restricted to the classroom walls. Pedagogical and technical implementations and use of this particular platform are limited only by imagination.

New pedagogy and 21st century skills

The FVS 3D environment supports new pedagogy and provides students and teachers more opportunities for active and more personalised learning. FVS supports competence based-curricula.

From teacher centered teaching to student centered learning

In the FVS 3D platform you can create learning paths, where there are problems to be solved either by individual students or teams. FVS support phenomenon-based learning models.

Group and project work

FVS is an excellent platform for group and project work, e.g. IB-school projects and team work. Students learn to collaborate and teamwork skills.

Students can share documents, photos and videos in virtual environment. The platform offers an excellent tool for communication. Students can also chat and have a call with or without video to other students in real time.

Learning materials

Individual learning where the user’s access to the materials that are readily available in the platform or where the student creates and upkeeps an individual 3D learning space, like a portfolio.

There are many options for this: e.g. the teacher/student can create a ready 3D environment and a learning package OR that school/teacher can purchase a ready-made environment from FVS to utilize for student learning.

Design pedagogy

Design pedagogy encourages independent and bold thinking, the exchange of ideas and the utilization of mistakes, it also strongly develops teamwork and expression skills.

Design pedagogy inspires the learner, facilitator and teacher to experiment, take initiative, exchange perspectives and share their own ideas. The FVS 3D platform is a great way to learn to design new and play around in 3D environments.