FVS for business

FVS provides tools for users to work, solve problems, research or learn in a virtual team in an engaging and effective project space.

FVS for business

Working in Finpeda virtual space

Virtual office

The participants communicate, learn and work with others via their own avatar – in real time and in a virtual space. FVS is virtual office - like a real office, a modeled virtual workspace for global teams to work in the same realistic virtual workspace.

Virtual lobby

Virtual lobby is an entry space to your company information. Meet your customers or interact together in a virtual lobby to showcase your company activities. Behind the info desk you can find more information about company, products and projects like chatbot in a modern webpage.

Virtual meetings

Meet with your colleagues, customers, networks, project partners or organize a meeting and invite participants. Meetings are more relaxed and less tiring in a virtual space, where there are always visible some participants movements, new information or actions.

Company showroom

Present your company and products in a virtual 3D space instead traditional web page. In a virtual showroom you can create more personal feeling, authentic touch and immersive experience for your clients and virtual space visitors.

Training space

Make a digital twin (copy) of your real working environment or in-service training space, simulate your products and operations, train your staff or clients in an interactive 3D space.

Board room

For directors, board members, operating team or workgroups virtual space offers a unique situation update and management room to meet, present, develop or analyze current and valuable business information.