Finpeda virtual space - features

What is Finpeda?

Finpeda is an international company based in Oulu, Finland. Finpeda offers pedagogical, architectural and technological solutions to bring education to the modern 21st century and create the school of the future.

Finpeda virtual space

FVS is a browser-based 3D virtual space where users can communicate, collaborate and explore the virtual world together. It helps teachers and students come together when remote learning, easing the distance imposed between people by other online meeting tools.

What acticvities are available in the virtual space?

Users can create and modify their own avatar by selecting from various options of base models, hair styles, eye colors, clothing, and so on. Users can create and edit various types of files, such as text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets inside the FVS.

Redefining virtual learning environment

Use it as your own virtual project space, classroom or meeting room and learn together as avatars!

Our Special Features

Only your creativity is the limit!

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FVS ScreenShots

Use it as your own virtual space and learn together as avatars!