Finpeda virtual space

Finpeda virtual space is 3D virtual space in your browser.

Finpeda virtual space is a browser-based 3D virtual environment where people can communicate and collaborate in real time, in other words a networked common operating space. In our learning environment users are represented by customisable, persistent avatars. Users can communicate via tools which enable them to chat using either text messages or voice.

The webcam feature in FVS help the users to share their screens to join the virtual conference. The key feature of FVS include adding content to their space, and through them they can showcase media objects in various forms: web sites, web applications, images, video, audio, and several document formats such as PDF.

FVS is also integrated with Google Drive, allowing users to create new documents, import existing ones, or upload material to their own Google Drive. Apart from
educational purposes FVS can also be used for business and to conduct virtual exhibitions.


FVS facilitates 21st century learning among both young students, as well as adult learners. The features of FVS support K-12 learning, vocational training and research-based university studies.


Be it a company’s public hangout, info desk or a lounge, or a showroom with product displays and usage training, marketing and selling are possible with FVS. Therefore, in a business context FVS supports a wide range of activities across diverse industries.


Product displays, shows, stands, and more can be used to make the virtual exhibition look just like a physical one. The virtual exhibitions through FVS enable the visitors to get immersive experience and to understand the products and services in-depth.


About us

Finpeda is an international company based in Oulu, Finland. Finpeda offers pedagogical, architectural and technological solutions to bring education to the modern 21st century and create the school of the future.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer you tailor-made solutions for “concept of school” and curriculum, pedagogy, physical learning environments, and technology definition.

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